Our Bible distribution work continues. We supply the teams of the Russian Pentecostal Union with Bibles and literature in hope that believers in Russia could grow in their faith.

Work in CIS countries

Keymedia started broadcasting in Finnish in 1955. Later Russian language programs were launched. The original idea and motivation for the work in Russia was to inform Christian in the West of the circumstances in which Russian Christians live. This information led into a mission: to distribute Bibles and other literature across the Iron Curtain.

The Word for the Finno-Ugric peoples

In 1983 Keymedia partnered with the Institute for Bible Translation in Sweden to start translation work for 12 small Finno-Ugric language groups within Soviet Union. In 2017 one whole Bible translation and nine New Testament translations has been completed and published.

Supporting the evangelistic teams in Russia

Keymedia’s work within Russia is focused on supporting the Pentecostal Church of Russia and its evangelistic teams. The teams engage voluntary Church members to commit one year of their time for evangelistic activities within Russia.

There are 40 teams working full time and they have already met 8 million individuals. Bibles are in great demand when the teams meet with people in rural areas and remote villages. There are over a thousand new congregations or home churches that have been planted as a result. Four follow-up centers have been put into operation and more are needed.

“We believe that during the next 10 years our generation will evangelize all of the Russian communities and districts”, says Eduard Grabovenko, the bishop of the Pentecostal Church in Russia. Keymedia wants to be part of this mission and provide Finnish believers a way to participate.

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