Keymedia started Bible distribution to China in 1995. It started as a joint effort with Evangelical Churches close to Chinese border in Russia. These Churches and congregations transported the Bibles to China. Over half a million copies of Bibles were transported from Finland through Russia.

Our work in China expanded in 1998 with the distribution of Jesus videos. Keymedia directors visited China and first contact with the Home Church movement was established. Two shops were established for Jesus video copying. Also, printing of Bibles in China was started in 1998. Over the years more than 13 million Bibles have been distributed to believers in China.

From a humble beginning started one of Keymedia’s foremost media ministries.

Multiplied possibilities

A rapidly growing revival in China caused House Churches to grow. This, in turn, inspired and encouraged congregations in Finland to support this work. Keymedia was able to raise substantial amounts of funds to purchase video-CD equipment for Chinese evangelists. Thousands of evangelists could now travel around the country and show Jesus videos.

Education of Chinese Sunday School teachers became a task of its own. Keymedia made with its Chinese partners a plan in 2001 with a goal: by 2006 there had to be 100,000 Sunday school teachers who are equipped and trained.

Reaching that goal was a huge task. We came a little closer to it when Keymedia’s missionary to China Pirkko Kauhanen wrote a series of training material in 2002. This printed material is called ”The Dove” series.

To this day over 300,000 Sunday School teachers have undergone the training. More than a million children have heard the Gospel for the first time. The Dove series has now been translated into several other languages.

Our co-operation with the Chinese Home Church movement was intensified when one of its central figures brother Yun finally was out of prison and was able to escape from China. Brother Yun has visited Keymedia a number of times. Keymedia published his autobiography “The Heavenly Man” and other titles in Finnish.

Keymedia is committed to supporting Chinese Home Church movement.

Strength from mutual understanding and respect

All projects in China are carried out together with local congregations and Church leadership. Also, international organisations are often involved. Keymedia is focused in training and providing for the Chinese Churches in their effort in evangelism, children’s work, Bible learning and missions.

In the 1980’s the Chinese Churches were fired up for a vision that became to be known ”Back to Jerusalem”. According to this vision the Chinese are committed to sending missionaries to every province within the country and to other countries between China and Jerusalem (Israel). In many countries Chinese missionaries (or tentmakers) are accepted without prejudice. Kaymedia sees this as one of the growing trends in global Christian missionary work.

Keymedia has been supporting the training of Chinese missionaries and keeps on doing this. Hundreds of leaders and missionaries have undergone this training and are already working in their target countries or provinces.


We prayed for a long time that we might receive Bibles for our Church members. The Lord is great and faithful. He is our strength at the time of need. He answered our prayers through you. We are deeply grateful for our God and for you of these Bibles

– Pastor Li from Yunnan

As often as we are listening the songs of Canaan, the fire inside of us will burn stronger, and the weak will become strong.

A young evangelist from Henan

This training program is revolutionary!

– Sunday School Teacher from Henan

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