Arabic and Muslim people

Gospel to Arabic and Muslim countries

Keymedia works to broadcast and publish Gospel message in Arabic through satellite TV, smartphone apps, the Internet, social media, radio and printed media. Our work reaches Arabic speaking population around the world and we receive feedback and viewer responses from 180 countries. In 2016 Al Hayat channel programs evoked a total of 64 million responses and comments (most through social media)! Social media is also used in evangelizing and counseling.

Arabic – Al Hayat

In addition to the so called classic Arabic Keymedia has started to broadcast in various dialects of Arabic. These programs and talk shows have touched the hearts of many and the program series on Youtube have drawn hundreds of thousands of viewers. Currently there are programs in Saudi, Moroccan, Sudanese, Egyptian and Kuwaiti dialects.

Through satellite:

  • Nilesat – Location: 7° West / Downlink frequency: 11,258 MHz / Polarity: Horizontal / Symbol Rate: 27,500 / FEC: 5/6
  • Hotbird – Location: 13° East / Downlink frequency: 11,240 MHZ / Polarity: Horizontal / Symbol Rate: 27,500 / FEC: 3/4

On the Internet:

You can subscribe channel info cards free of charge at:

Turkish – Kanal Hayat

Keymedia is part of a Scandinavian partnership broadcasting in Turkish and Kurdish through a 24/7 operating satellite channel Kanal Hayat. Its programs can also be seen on phone apps and through channel website.

Viewer response has also grown steadily. According to local workers the channel now plays a key role in establishing and empowering new Churches in Turkey. Social media (Facebook and Twitter) are important in the ministry and work as channels in receiving feedback and comments.

On satellite:

  • Hotbird – Location: 13° Doğu / 11317 GHz Dike / 27,500 Sembol/Saniye / FEC: 3/4

On the Internet:

You can subscribe channel info cards free of charge at:

Urdu – Zindagi.TV

Keymedia was able to team up with international partners to launch work in Urdu language in 2013. Zindagi TV started as a web site but already in the same year was launched as a satellite channel through PAKSAT satellite. The target areas are in Pakistan, Northern parts of India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Keymedia is partnering with an international team with the responsibility of producing some of the content as well as supporting financially.

On satellite:

  • PAKSAT-1R – Location: 38° East / Downlink frequency: 4,037 MHZ / Polarity: Horizontal / Band: C-Band / Symbol Rate: 4,800 / FEC: 3/4 or 7/8

On the Internet:

  • iPhone app: ZindagiTV

You can subscribe channel info cards free of charge at:

Farsi – Mohabat TV

Keymedia has been a partner for many years in broadcasting in Farsi language for the Iranian people.

On satellite:

  • Hotbird 6 – Location: 13° East /Transponder 134 / Downlink frequency: 11,200 MHZ / Polarity: Vertical / Symbol Rate: 27,500 / FEC: 5/6

You can subscribe channel info cards free of charge at:

Somali –

Keymedia published a Somali language website in 2016. The website is run and updated by a Christian Somali couple who reach out to Somali speaking population around the world. In only two years time they have been able to pray for at least two hundred individuals who have accepted Christ into their lives.

On the website there are video episodes, digital material and the Bible, all in Somali language.

You can subscribe channel info cards free of charge at:

Arabic programs 24/7

The Arabic language Al Hayat channel was launched in 2003 ja Keymedia is still responsible for its governance.The content and style of the channel is challenging Islam and its teachings with the message of the Gospels. The programs on the channel have evoked wide interest and response among individuals in Arabic speaking countries as well as in secular media. The Al Hayat follow-up team has recorded over a hundred thousand conversions through the programs on Al Hayat.

There are some 40 individual program series running on the channel. Keymedia is responsible of 20 of those. Many of the Al Hayat TV hosts have become very famous personalities in the Arabic world. Some of the series draw millions of viewers every week. Every Monday–Friday there is a one hour live show where viewers can call and ask questions during the show.

Global follow-up

We have set up a wide network of Arabic speaking follow-up teams, volunteers in Churches, a 24/7 call center and a response team for social media. All this contributes to the spiritual growth of the converts and helps them to find a local congregation or home Church. The purpose of this is to help and empower Christian minorities of the Arabic world and plant new Churches especially for the believers with Muslim background.

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