Keymedia exists to reach individuals and nations with the Gospel of Christ, to plant new congregations and to help them grow.


Keymedia is active on these channels:

Al Hayat
An Arabic language channel with a vision to boldly reveal the truth about Islam and bring the light of Jesus Christ to Muslims around the world, and minister to searching hearts worldwide.

Mohabat TV
A Farsi language channel for the people of Iran.

A Finnish language channel for evangelizing and empowering our domestic audience.

Yeshuachai TV
A Hebrew language channel established by Keymedia for the Jewish people. The channel is now run and managed by messianic Jews in Israel.

Kanal Hayat
A Turkish language channel with programs also in Kurdish.

Zindagi TV
An Urdu language channel to reach out to the people of Pakistan and India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.